Alexa, and cayenne


Hello there!I ve decided to make a smart home,which will also recognize voice commands and controls some arduino devices,read some sensors data etc…
For this,I think the best way is to use Alexa, and Cayenne.
My biggest problem though,even if it may be simple for you is that I have no idea how to connect with Alexa and Cayenne.
I think that it ll need a skill,to be connected with Alexa.but yet,I have no idea what I should do.But as for Cayenne,the problem may be simpler,but again I have no idea.The "bring your thing"api seems promising but only if you know what to do.I m not sure if I have to reprogram the arduinos or there is a simple way to integrate to Cayenne.So I thought that I would never figure it out without some help.if you know a way to integrate them,please tell me…Any ideas will be much appreciated…Really thanks for your time!


Deud- it will become self-aware! Haven’t you seen “Terminator”?
I have a few pc boards I made specific for IoT lighting and controls.

anyway, both me and hightech pc boards are posted in Projects Built with Cayenne.

-tryin’ to help! :slight_smile:


Hi @k.aggelopoulos,

Sounds very cool, please share when you get it working! I think you could start here :slight_smile: @laurencehr created the project.




Yep, I was talking with @k.aggelopoulos via whatsapp, for help him I made the project connecting and Cayenne, I promised him too made a sample connecting Alexa, I hope make this week, and try with my Amazon Dot :wink:


@laurencehr helps quite a lot!and to be honest he seems to be the only one who knows how to do this connection!
(I think I also have to buy a dot.raspberry avs although is quite useful,it gives a java error and stops every 1-2 days)
@bestes if sometime the full project is completed,I’ll share it!