Wit.ai & Cayenne

Hi everyone!
For the help request of someone who contacted me by twitter, I decided to do this base project in which from wit.ai we can access the Cayenne mqtt server.

The project is a basic switcher that controls a channel on the cayenne server.

  1. Create a New Project in wit.ai
  2. Create history for ‘switch on’
  3. Create history for ‘switch off’
  4. Copy the wit.ai token
  5. Create Project in Node.js
    npm install node-wit
    npm install cayenne-mqtt
    Wit & Cayenne MQTT · GitHub
  6. Run the project
  7. See that in action! (focus in Ch4)

I like interacting with IA interfaces, one of the following projects I will do a Skill for Amazon Alexa, which interacts with Cayenne Server.

Stay tuned! :wink:


Nice how-to! I definitely need to check out wit.ai, looks pretty powerful.

Wow @laurencehr thanks so much for posting this. I need to familiarize myself with wit.ai too. I’m VERY interested to see how you can combine Amazon Alexa with Cayenne. Please keep us posted with your progress :slight_smile: