Hello everyone im new here


I just saw this beautiful iot platform cayeene i thought to give it a try its wonderful here to be part of this community
I wanted to ask if i reboot my pi would it automatically connect to cayeene
And if i want to add relay with cayeene do i need to write a script as we used in other cloud platform like blynk
Please help as i am new here
Thanks a lot for your support


Follow the instructions! :stuck_out_tongue: It’s easy to use PuTTY to paste the script into the Pi, -but after that, it’s all drag and drop. :wink: You can type/paste the script directly into the Pi terminal if you want to connect the Pi to a monitor. Be advised to get all your UPDATES/UPGRADES and be sure to set all your Pi configuration defaults (location, user, password, time, memory expantion, language, wifi default) before you launch your Cayenne loader,. Have fun!


I am already connected to pi cayeene is online if i want to add relay do i need to write a program
Or just drag and drop?? Do i need to write a program for a particular gpio


drag and drop onto the main app area. Your Pi should appear on the left edge. you ADD GPIO inputs or outputs as needed, as wired or as required, from the choices given (Relay, Generic)


Thanks a lot budie really helpful !!!


it’s super easy once you get the hang of it. I’m not a programmer, but I can do it! :slight_smile:


Previously i was using blynk now switched to cayeene
Is cayeene compatible with ifttt

How about making web request with cayeene through maker channel connecting with amazon echo?


I wish Cayenne was using IFTTT. :frowning: I wish Cayenne could at least execute a boolean expression, and multiple commands (macros). But I keep hearing “It’s on the roadmap”. As to the “Maker channel/Amazon Echo”…that sounds interesting.

But- I’m a nobody…just “that guy” who keeps getting booted from the community.
What should I know about it…:sob: