Allow multiple recipients in notifications

Am able to have Trigger send email to my regular email address but refuses to accept pushover address. Can you look at this please? Thanks!

Would this require Cayenne to integrate pushover services?

What is the email address you are trying to send to?

Also, I’m moving this to Ideas / suggestions category so it can be tracked.


On closer inspection…this has nothing to do with Pushover in particular. I am unable to add ANY additional recipients. Upon saving the new email address, the error “rules.error:requirednotificationMethod:inputEror” appears at the top of the screen…no matter what additional email or mobile phone number I attempt to use.


Got it. We will allow you to send to multiple recipients. That is a really ugly error message. We’ll make an update for that.

Appreciate you posting and letting me know. Really helps, since now Cayenne team can make sure this gets fixed.