Analog Output slider does not send zero value

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    Sodaq Explorer working by LoRaWAN with TTN.

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    When i setup a analog output, and move the slider to zero value, no payload is being sent.



How are you decoding the received payload. can you share the code?

I am testing slider on the console seeing how movement of slider generate payloads.
I see that when i move de slider to any point except 0.00 then a new payload is generated, for example

But when I move the slider to 0.00 no payload is generated.
It is very simple to repeat the problem.

The code to generate the slider initially is:

  lpp.addDigitalOutput(7, 1); // Envío HIGH en la salida Digital 7 (Sería el estado de la salida?)
  lpp.addAnalogOutput (8, 100.0); // Envío HIGH en la entrada Digital 8
  lpp.addDigitalInput (9, 1); // Envío HIGH en la entrada Digital 8
  // Send it off
  ttn.sendBytes(lpp.getBuffer(), lpp.getSize(),1,false); //

This is the result of moving back and forward the slider from 0.00 to 100 three times.

If i move from 0, 50, 100, 50, 0, 50, 100, 50, 0, 100 (50.2 exactly), i see this payloads sent to the console.


Note that 08 00 00 FF never is sent!!! That is the issue.:thinking:

So, the code is not important at this instance.

I hope you can reproduce the possible bug.



i received data for value 0 on TTN console.

Here i receive 0 data only ocassionally, the most of times fails.
Can you move the slider from side to side (leaving static in each extrem of course) then you will see that zero value is not being sent or not always.

yes, i was able to reproduce it. let me check what is the issue. A quick fix i can give you is make the min position as 1.

Ok Shramik,

good news that the issue was reproduced, i´m not crazy :slight_smile:
Putting 0,01 as lower limit seems to work.
Let me know any update.
You are a Cayenne Development Team member?



good to hear this.


Hi Shramik
Do you have some news about this issue? I have checked and the issue is present.

sorry, but this issue will be not fixed. you can set the 0.01 as the lower limit in the device code to make it 0.