Analog Input widget always displays 0, graph says otherwise


Hello there! I’m getting an interesting bug while trying to experiment with a Lora enabled device.

  • Device & model you are using:
    Laird RM191 Development Kit connected through The Things Network Console

  • What dashboard are you using?

I’ve successfully set up my device to communicate with the Cayenne dashboard, and it’s currently sending 3 values every 10 seconds or so. Two analog Inputs and the current voltage of the device.

Two of these values are appearing just fine (See screenshot below) But a second or so after receiving data for the first time, Analog Input 2 gets set to 0.00 and does not change from that point onward. Refreshing the page will show the correct value briefly, before it becomes 0 again shortly after.

On a refresh:

Shortly After:

Printing out the value of Analog 2 immediately before I send it, I see on my end that it is not 0.

Interestingly, there is a javascript error on the web console that corresponds exactly to when the value gets “stuck” to 0.00. (Shown below)

(I imagine the second error is just adblock related.)

In addition, both the graph and the data log never show Analog 2 going to 0.

Any assistance here would be greatly appreciated!


try deleting the analog input 2 widget and adding a new widget with different channel number.


This seems to work! Thanks.

Out of curiosity I set Analog 1 to channel 3, and now it has the same problem. Weird. But it’s nice to have such an easy workaround.


And of course as soon as my boss is looking, it’s not working again.

Inverse problem this time. Data is showing up in the console dashboard but not in the data or graph.

Looking through the TTNC Data log, I see that the data is being correctly recieved and forwarded to Cayenne:

Same Javascript error in console as before.


try changing the data log to minutes or hour.