...and when the Pi is behind my firewall?

This looks like a very interesting implementation and I look forward to trying it. My question: ALL of my network and systems live behind a firewall. I can open various port or do port redirects so what ports are you using? Can I do a redirect?

My firewall uses NAT so any message out contains whatever address my provider gives me. That, of course changes day-to-day. What do I need to do about this?

I would appreciate a little (admittedly very technical) advice about the above.


Hey there, and Welcome!

I think a good place to start is to see if Cayenne will actually work as is. We haven’t had any firewall issues to date, or a need to configure port redirection…But hey, there’s always a first for everything.

My initial thinking is that the Pi will connect just fine. If you run into issues, you’ll have to let us know so we can go from there and troubleshoot. Keep us updated on your progress!


I can’t be positive, because I haven’t checked or heard, but I expect that because you download and install their code onto your Pi, that the Pi always initiates the connection, so it works just like a browser going to the 'net and getting a page back.

Since the cloud server/agents, etc. never initiate a connection, there’s no firewall issues.

Hope that helps.

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