Ssh key problem

  • Device & model : Pi 3 Model B

  • dashboard using: iOS

I have configured connecting to pi only available using ssh keys and therefore disabled password login, it seems this has disabled Cayenne from connecting to my pi, is there any solution for this case except enabling password login? I mean, will Cayenne support ssh keys in the future.


I’ll set up a test to confirm this, but I believe we should only need SSH access to do the initial install of the Cayenne agent on your Pi.

Can I ask if you had already associated your Pi with the Cayenne account before making this configuration change? Or are you blocked from adding your Pi to your Cayenne account in the first place?


oh, I actually means that I have disabled password login before I install Cayenne, so since Cayenne doesn’t provide an option for ssh key login, I have no idea how to connect to my Pi without enabling password login. I’m just wondering if there will be future support for ssh key, or I will enable password login myself.


Gotcha. Yeah in the immediate case, it will be easiest if you re-enable password login, just for long enough to associate the Pi to your Cayenne account. After that, you should be able to disable it again, and I believe Cayenne should still be able to communicate with your Pi (because we no longer need SSH access after the initial install). I’ll confirm that in just a few moments.


And yes, confirmed. You should be able to fully interact with your Pi via Cayenne with passwordless login set up, the SSH Password is only needed to do the initial software install.

I will log a card in our system to consider supporting passwordless login even during the agent install. If anyone else would like this feature and finds this post, please add your support, we intend to develop heavily based on community wishes.