Android App does not save my position of Widget

Hello Everybody,
I am using raspberry pi 3 with cayenne.
I have installed the Android app on Lg Nexus 5 with lates official version of Android 6.

When I log into the app and reposition the widgets and later scroll througg other menus or close the app, after that the widgets are in the old default position. I am attaching pictures.


I’m having a similar issue with the web dashboard, might be a new bug. I just rearranged some widgets yesterday and it worked then.

Can I ask if either of you have seen this with widgets that aren’t the default Raspberry PI ones? (like CPU/RAM/Storage/Commands)

Yes, it is also happened with Temperature sensors and Relay. I rearrange them, the goes one step back where you can choose your added devices(arduinos, rpi and etc) and when I choose the RPI again, the widgets are arranged in the default state.

Happens with virtual outputs on an Arduino for me

Gotcha. Appreciate the quick responses.

I’m going to try in a minute and see if I can reproduce. To me it has to be a bug – there is no purpose in allowing people to re-order the widgets if we’re not going to retain their positioning.

Yup, easily reproduced, I’ll get it written up and to the Android dev.

Lol :slight_smile: That was fast :slight_smile: Thanks a lot for the quick responce.

Have a nice day :slight_smile:

@ognqn.chikov, @adam (and anyone else watching this thread), this bug is fixed in the 1.2.8 Android build released today. Thanks for your help in reproducing it so we could squash it!

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