Widgets losing config settings

I’m using pi2 model B and the Android dashboard.

The issue I’m finding is that the widget settings are lost when I exit and later restart the android dashboard. The widgets are there but for example the temperatures go back to F when previously I had set them to C.
Also, icons I had chosen are lost.

Am I missing some step to save the settings?

It’s a great iot tool, incredible potential!


Sometimes i am facing similar problems about sync web page and mobile app widget setting. When i renane a widget on mobile app, old names seen on web.

Hey @tom3, are you using the Web and Android dashboard as well, or just Android?

What senol posted definitely sounds like some of the sync issues we’re aware of between mobile and web, which should be resolved by a refactor we’re doing of how these disparate platforms communicate with each other. Should be the first part of this year.

I restarted just using android as I did see the web dashboard issue. However the settings for the widgets are not maintained, surely other people will see the same? Or is it just me.