Ardiuno With Ethernet Shield 5100 Not Connecting to Cayenne DHCP N

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Today I Bought An Ardiuno Board And Ethernet Shield W5100 And Followed The Procedure As Stated In The Cayenne Site ITyped The Code As It Was To The IDE and also uploaded it to ardiuno but it just saying

Following Is The Code

this is the error in getting on serial port


and on the web site it just says

now how do i connect my device to the Cayenne Any Suggestions?

followng are my IP Settings

please Help Me Connect My Ardiuno To Cayenne

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@sambhavjain006 welcome to cayenne community.
DHCP Faild! ,Have a look at this topic.

I see you posted a screen shot of your windows computer DHCP. Are you using ICS to connect?

Actually I Tried Sir, But Didn’t Work For Me So I Connected Directly To My WiFi Router. Thanks For You Time Sir.

Thanks It Did Worked For Me.