Connecting Issue with Arduino uno and Cayenne Via Ethernet Shield W5100

Hi, First I’m setting Ethernet static ip for my laptop is Then I open the cayenne website, After that Choose Arduino board, Then Selecting Arduino Uno, then open the Manual connection, copy and paste it into the Arduino IDE then Flash the code into Arduino board, the Serial monitor shows,

[0] Using static IP
[1300] My IP:
[5001] Connecting to
[10002] Connecting to

But It didn’t connect to Cayenne. I was struggling to connect arduino to cayenne via Ethernet shield W5100. Please replay me the solution.

Thanks & Regards,
Prasanth S.

Are you able to ping your arduino form your laptop? (To confirm your arduino is functioning on the LAN).

i.e. ping from your laptop.

Ya it’s pinging if only manual connection program is executed…
and It’s not working with Ethernet shield W5100 program.

Something else…

The Ethernet shield WS5100 uses DHCP to provide the arduino with an IP address. Do you have a DHCP server on your network that the arduino will get an address from?

I didn’t install DHCP Server…
Which version do i want to install…

Having a DHCP server on your network is not part of the Arduino setup etc. and is not related to Cayenne - it’s a basic network side item required if you want your network devices to use auto-assigned IPs instead of hard coding IPs for your network devices.

Is there is a need for DHCP server to run the manual Connection program ( That means to Set the
Static IP )

No - the manual connection sketch would not need the DHCP server.

Here is the screen shot of what i did in Manual Connection program execution. But it’s not Connected with Cayenne.

You haven;t added your authentication token to your sketch before you upload it to the arduino…

this is your auth. token:

Insert that here:

I tried what u said but it also not working

I’ve run out of ideas then :sob: Everything looks correct.

What is the IP address of your router?

Is it also in the 10.0.0.x range? or is it 192.168.x.y?

No, I’m not connected with Router…
I’m connecting with laptop to Ethernet shield.

My laptop is connected with MTS WiFi network.
and my LAN connection Static IP is fixed by myself.
Static IP is
Ethernet shield getting network by sharing form my laptop.

So you have a network cable between your laptop and your arduino?

@prasanthsselvam, I suggest you try another ethernet device on that cable such as another laptop, xbox, etc. This will help you isolate if it is an issue with your Arduino setup, or your Internet Connection Sharing.

Try that, and get back to us if it seems to still be an Arduino/Cayenne issue.



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ICS doesn’t like static IP addresses. Best to set everything to dynamic and let it do it’s thing. Also, try @kreggly suggestion of connecting something else to see if it works.

I have another one doubt…
I can send a code to arduino uno without connect Ethernet shield…
But I cannot send a code to arduino uno with Ethernet shield…
If i send a code with Ethernet shield, Port is often disconnected…
I don’t know, What is the problem…

You have reminded me of a couple things that have happened to me-

  1. When the shield is installed, make sure the pins from the ethernet socket don’t short out on the USB socket. Made things very hot and did not work, didn’t kill anything, just got warm.

  2. At one point I ordered 3 ethernet shields from Amazon. One of them was DOA, fortunately, I had others to troubleshoot with and was able to quickly sort out the problem. I understand you may not have this option.

Hope this helps,