Arduino connection problem with the server

Hi, I’m new to this community. I’m starting my first project. I have an arduin one connected to the pc with usb cable I have followed all the procedures as described for startup. In the socket I have included the token provided by you. At this point I expect recognition from the server but it never comes. Where am I wrong?

@claudio79marzano welcome to cayenne community.
can you please give more detail about what problem your facing.

Can you post your code so we can review it for mistakes :slight_smile:

Support, I have the same problem!!! The Internet connection is configured, but the site is not reflected my connected device.

Code taken from the library, added your connection information.

Okey. What sensors/devices you have wired up ? Can you see on the dashboard that your arduino is “active” ? Is the icon is colored or it is in “offline” state ?

ESP8266 v.12