Arduino Connectivity

Hi @meriksson (and anyone else reading and interested)

After writing up a tutorial today on how to convert from Arduino to Arduino MQTT sketches, I wanted to reach out and see if you could try following it when you have some free time. It should apply to your ESP8266 as well, although you’ll need the Cayenne MQTT ESP8266 library rather than the Arduino one I linked in that tutorial.

I think this would be a good option for you as we believe our MQTT connectivity to be more stable than the original Arduino connectivity, and it should be much more tolerant to the delay() statements in that code as it uses a push design rather than continuous polling which can be thrown off and cause disconnects with large delays.

I want to make myself available to you to assist with switching the code over or any other questions you might have about the difference in the two connectivities.

I can confirm that MQTT is more stable.
I was facing the well known stability issues with my Yun and with Dragino Yun schield on a mega.
I changed to MQTT protocol for YUN and ALL my problems were gone … is working for many days non-stop now :wink:
PS: I started using MQTT on WeMos D1 mini … and it works fine there too … for many days …
@rsiegel … for the Yun I needed to define a new WeMos device so I could get the right credentials to use on a Yun with MQTT … the choice for MQTT is NOT available when defining a Yun Device ??? … could be a suggestion to add this … :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback @Jodi, and glad you’re having better stability with MQTT. In short, the Bring Your Own Thing category is intended as a catch-all bucket that you can connect any device with an MQTT client as, including ones that have other connectivity options like Raspberry Pi and Arduino.

We’ll going to be improving the UI for this in the near future so it isn’t as confusing where you need to go to connect each device.