Arduino reconecting to cayenne problem

Hi, I’m using a W5100 and an Arduino MEGA and I have some troubles.

There are peaks on my router where there is not internet connection and my device disconnects, when internet is back, the device auto reconnects to cayenne and it works, but after that happens a few times, it does not connect, and I have to go and manually restart the device.

The problem started when I updated cayenne library to 1.0.1

Is there any option to change the connection retries number? Any other solution?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @maletils,

Hmm. Let me get Cayenne team to take a look at the issue you are experiencing and see if there is solution that we can find. I should be able to get back to you early next week.


Are you able to hook up your Arduino to a computer and let it go with the serial port monitor running to see if you are getting any errors? If so we can try to figure out how to fix it based on the errors.