Arduino Support for Mobile App?

Hi all,

I just recently started tinkering with Cayenne and am loving it right now. The mobile app is great for controlling my raspberry pi, but I’m wondering if Arduino support for the app is possible as well?


Very soon! Well, depending if you are iOS or Android user. iOS app compatibility with Arduino was just pushed to Apple Store, and we’re waiting for approval.


Great! Thanks for the reply!

Any ETA for mobile Arduino support on Android?

As soon as we can. Next week is the goal.



Thanks B,

I want to tether a bunch of these to my phone for demonstration purposes :stuck_out_tongue:


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10 more of these little blue eyed babes waiting…

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Marine brother,
Who’s 8266 break out board are you using?


Node MCU dev boards…i buy them in 5 packs from the orient. Come out to about $2 per. Others may be refined enough to not need the breakout and built in goodies…but not this guy! :+1:

I pay about 5 times that for the Adafruit bob’s. I also appreciate the extra goodies and don’t mind supporting Adafruit, they are good people.