When or if is the Android App going to support arduino

This all looks very promising.
Can you please let me know when or if the android app is going to support arduino?
Also does this platform have any plans to support NRF24L01+ For example, it would be really useful to have 1 or 2 ethernet hub(s) that use nrf’s to relay out to multiple node’s or do you have this covered in some other way?

Hi @rich-miller,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! Android Arduino (try saying that 3 times fast in a row) support will be very soon. We are going through some of the the last rounds of testing and are pushing out an Android update as soon as we can!

Let me get back to you about plans for NRF.


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Thank you for your reply.
That’s great news about the android app!
The NRF24LO1+ really is a great little device and very cheap! If you were able to include them on your platform i think Mydevices would explode in popularity amongst arduino enthusiasts.
Thanks again
Kind regards

What are the advantages of NRF24LO1+ over the ESP8266? The price isn’t that much off and the ESP supports the full TCP stack with AP, ADHOC, and Client modes. I do see that it uses a lot less power than the ESP though.

Good point, the 8266 is also a great device - is it supported on here? As you say though the nrf’s do use less power, you also use even less with sleep mode, you can run a 3.3v pro mini with nrf’s for a year on coin cell batteries. But as i say the 8266 is a good device my friend loves them, I’ve not used them all that much yet.

It’s not “officially” supported but you can make them work right now. Esp8266 - #30 by kreggly
You should also be able to use it as a shield for ardiuno. I saw it mentioned on here but don’t think the person ever posted a how-to.

Thank you, i will check it out.

me too!

@rich-miller @ats1080s @HighTech The App with Arduino support has been pushed to the Google Play store. I would delete the APK that you download and re-download the new app from Google Play. Enjoy!


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Awesome! I have some free time coming up this weekend, I’ll dig in to it then.

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