Arduino triggers are not working

I’m trying to make triggers using DS18B20 and actuators. When I try to make new trigger, temperature is not temperature but empty value from 0 to 1024.

Thanks for help.

-Arduino Mega with Wiznet 5100 shield.

Can you post the code you used ?

I think a slight change will fix this.


Here is the code.

Relays are working when I tap on them, but triggers are not working.

Can you also Private Message me your account info? (Login / Password) . I wanted to log in and see for myself.

If you want, you can change your password here.

Hi, did you manage something? I’ve sent you the login info into private message. Are the triggers working? Thank you.


For your temperature triggers, you can change the vales to whatever you want. It doesn’t have to be 0 - 1024. So you can edit those values to the range you would like.

For the triggers, it looks like you created two of the same trigger. This may be the reason why they are not working. If you could please try use one trigger. Thanks!



I can’t set the temperature, only blank value.
When temperature rises above 22 degrees celsius, it should turn on Relay 1, then Relay 2. I can’t get it working. I’ve removed the duplicate trigger, but it didn’t help.

Thank you.

you are using one if condition for two then condition. this wont work.

Okay, I’ve removed this, it was working before the update. However, when I try to set a trigger with temperature, I can’t set value in degrees celsius, but only blank value from 0 to 1024.