Triggers and Scheduling not working

Device Arduino Uno with W5100 ethernet shield
Dashboard used: Web and IOS

Issue Description:

Set up: Arduino Uno Ethernet w/ W5100 with a sensor and an actuator: DS18B20 and Relay Switch. Both working and tested

Trigger set:
If DS18B20 above 25 Celsius, then Relay Switch turn on

The above trigger doesn´t work. I have raised the temperature manually, using my fingers to warm up the sensor, and then let the sensor cool down to reach the set point of 25 degrees, and the switch doesn`t turn on.

Let me know if you need some additional information

Hi @frobledo, Welcome to the Cayenne Community.

This sounds pretty straightforward, but as a test can you add an email notification to that same trigger? Basically I want to take the relay switch out of the equation for a moment and see if our server is even attempting to fire the trigger when the sensor goes above 25C. If no email comes, then it sounds like something could be wrong on our end – it may be worth deleting and recreating the trigger just as a sanity check in that case.

If the email comes but the relay is not turning on, I’d be more inclined to blame something local like wiring or a finicky Arduino. It sounds like the Relay works OK when you switch it manually from the Cayenne Dashboard?

Hi @rsiegel

Yes, the Relay works OK when switching it manually from the Cayenne

I will prepare a test as follows:

  1. After deleting the old trigger, I wil try with an email notification
    only, taking the Relay out of the equation
  2. If 2 works, then I will try with a different Arduino and the Relay

Thank you for your assistance.


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Hi @rsiegel, test was made with same Arduino device. Everything is working properly.

Thanks again,


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