Arduino Uno with built in wifi


Hi All
Just wondering if the Arduino Uno with built in Wifi is supportedesigned by Cayenne


There is already a post here with all the information. Hope it helps!


I have tried setting my Arduino Uno up as USB serial I have followed the instructions but my board is not being recognised any help would be appreciated
I have set up the script as Cayenne-ser.bat -c Com2
thanks oldvolt


I have managed to set up my arduino uno as a usb serial device and switch a led over the internet

May i ask please how I can the attachment without having to type it in via the command the command prompt when I turn the computer on
thanks oldvolt


You can make a batch file and put it in your startup folder. Make a new text document and type in

C:\Users\John\Documents\Arduino\libraries\Cayenne\extras\scripts\cayenne-ser.bat -c Com2

Click File>Save As name the file Cayenne.bat and click the Save as type and choose All Files (.) and save to your desktop or somewhere easily accessible.

Hold down the Windows key, and type R, Type: shell:startup, Click OK then copy or move the file you saved to this folder. When you log in next time the cmd window will open automatically.


I thank you for your reply however I must be doing something wrong

as I am getting this error message
I would appreciate any comments when you have time
Thanks oldvolt


Can you paste here what you have in your batch file?