Full greenhouse irrigation system

About This Project

I have worked with Arduino for 3 years. Cayenne suits perfect to my project, so I developed a complete irrigation system for greenhouse. Brazil has become an important country, growing vegetables in greenhouse. Farmers has to irrigate using manual valves, spending long hours and lots of workers to do so.
This project has been sold officialy, so our company is specialized on irrigation system. We project, including hidraulic and electrical system.

What’s Connected

Arduino Mega + Wemos D1R2 + DHT11 + 2x8 relay board

Triggers & Alerts

They are used, but using flags on code and digital sensors in Cayenne.


They are used, but using buttons on Cayenne.

Dashboard Screenshots

##Explaining things
As you can see in the dashboard screenshot, client has avaliable temperature and humidity inside and outside greenhouse. Using the slider, he can set the time the irrigation will take (from 5 to 60s), he can also schedule hourly irrigation (just pressing the buttons), he can turn on just the water pump (7.5cv power) for manual irrigation.
Arduino and Wemos talk each other by I2C protocol, sending status.
A NTP connection on Wemos provides hour and minute.
If client internet goes down, he can switch button on panel so he can mannualy turn on water pump.
Electrical panel has built from a project by our engineer, providing soft-start and all electrical safe the system needs.
We also set alarms so I receive on my cellphone notifications if system goes down, DHT stops working and so on…

Photos of the Project


Great project!

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Awesome project .

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Hi, I’m working on a similar project, you could help me, I just want to monitor temperatures and humidity, because the irrigation times I’m controlling with an industrial automata, but I would like to have tables with temperature, humidity and light values, but in different areas, because I have very different rooting values in some areas of the greenhouse.

Hello there! Of course, what do you need?

I sent you a private message

I need to control a greenhouse with 4 dht11, 4 ldr, 4 ds18b20, and 8 relays.

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This is an awesome project, and from the looks of those plants it’s working well!

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