Average of the data



I’m collecting temperature data.
Is it possible for me to average this data within an hour?

Thank you!


can you provide more detail on this?


Thank you .

I am collecting and sending data every 5 minutes. So I wanted to average those data within one hour.

Could I be clearer?


you want to download the averaged one hour data from cayenne?


I wanted to know if you can average within the Cayenne application.
Pick up the data every 5 minutes and after an hour average them.


not possible on cayenne but you can do that locally on your device.


Yes, but I need the data every 5 minutes and only then average. Because if I do on the device I can only send it every 1 hour.


you can use two separate channel.
Channel 1 sends data every 5 minutes.
Channel 2 sends data after averaging every 1 hour


And how can I do that?


can you share the code you are using?