Logging intervals, retention, and averages

Can anyone point to a document to describe logging intervals, retention, and averages.

How often does cayenne sample and store 1-wire, i2c, etc devices?
Does this change if I am observing using “Live”?

Is the one-minute graph an average or a sample?

I assume 1-hour graph is an average of 1-minute??

Can I get more than 60 minutes of 1-min sample/averages, or just the one-hour averages.

I notice with the mqtt system where I am updating every 5 seconds, I can get more fine grain in the 24 hour graph, than with the same sensor sampled with the automatic cayenne system. For example, I an recording temp with 1-wire ds18b20 on the automatic sampling, and i lose the temperature going up and down 2-3 times per hour as the furnace turns on and just get the average temp over the hour, but the mqtt 5-second updates, I can see the trend within the hour on the 24 hour graph.

Is that sort of thing configurable? Can it be configurable?? The “24hours of minutes” might be a useful feature.

Thanks for any info.

I can’t say I’ve seen any documentation on this yet. @eptak or @rsiegel might have the info you’re looking for.