BMP180 Pressure widget problems


Appreciating all the hard work that’s being put in across the board; is there a prognosis as to when this will be fixed please?

Situation remains as was: App discount as unable to change setting, Browser still drops all data and needs removing and re-instating to get data back in pascals only.

Loving Cayenne though :slight_smile:


@sebamardamiano @ecarter1024 @craigfrancissfco @dave1 Sorry for late response on update for this. Our (small) team is expanding and getting more resources, so we should be able to start fixing these types of bugs with more haste. So, hang in there! This will definitely be fixed.



BMP108? Is there a mistake in the theme?

I have working solution for those using Raspberry Pi. Mine BMP280 is working very good and with no data loss or offline mode.


Yes, I think was typo, should be BMP180 :grin:


Sorry for the late follow up @dave1 @craigfrancissfco @ecarter1024 @sebamardamiano .

This should be resolved now. Let us know otherwise :slight_smile:



All is OK on the phone app.
On PC, Chrome, I cannot choose hPa for the pressure. Only Pascal.