Erratic BMP180 Readings



I have a BMP180 set up on my raspberry pi 3, I seem to be getting erratic readings for pressure (at least they look wrong…) but not temperature. Can anyone in the know suggest what might be going on? Or tell me if fluctuations of this amount are normal?



Hi Craig,

Considering that the BMP180 has a sensing range of 300-1100 hPa, something must be wrong.

Do you have another module you could try?

Otherwise, look at your module for cold solder joints or damage. Maybe press on the parts and see if the measurement changes.




Couldn’t that just be Pascals (rather than hectopascals)?

If so, then that might just be natural barometric pressure fluctuation. If its Pascals, then a fluctuation of 30 pascals is really nothing. (It’s fluctuated more than that where I am in the last 2 hours)


That looks legit. If you are around sea level.

The variation you are seeing is about the pressure felt placing or removing a business card from your hand.

Adjusting max/min scaling will flatten it out, etc.