Unstable and whimsical values with BMP 180 RPI 3 Raspbian Jeesie

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    Raspberry Pi 3

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    Raspbian Jessie via OpenPlotter image

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Values for pressure and temperature changes very quickly with unrealistic values
The problem is the same via web portail or via android appli.

Correct values when i read it with other application (ex: OpenPlotter)

Thank you for the work that has been done!
Sorry for my bad English that does not allow me to be more explicit

HIi @pascalpci,

Welcome to the Cayenne community! You have great english :slight_smile:

I think the issue may be that you use OpenPlotter image and not official image from RaspberryPi.org website. Would you be able to try again using latest version of Jessie downloaded from RaspberryPi.org?



Hi Bestes,

I will try next weekend with fresh image Raspbian

I also have a bananapi -r1, can I test it using raspberry template ?

Have a nice day


I had an unstable BMP180 gy-68.

If you are using the GY-68 BMP180 version, then I recommend disconnecting the power input from the bmp180. It works without it, drawing power from logic inputs I presume. After that, it is a lot more stable.

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