BMP280 Readings

Using sensor above i had perfectly good reading both Serial and Cayenne dasboard for pressure value.

Then it got funky, without changing anything (No lib or code change) sensor started showing around 500hpa more in pressure.

I am measuring outside pressure, and with time it changes value, so its picking up some data but they are wrong. Temperature readings are ok.

Library used is by Adafruit and module images

Anyone had similar issue.

@Agroelektronik cant tell what is the problem here. try changing the wire, reconnecting, checking solder connection of pin headers, re uploading the code or using a different library are the suggestion i can give.

I did a split on BMP reading by 150 instead of 100 for Hpa so its ok. But is still wonder what happend.

yes that can be done. You might find a solution for the cause of this in