Installation issue / Certificate workaround / refreshing dashboard

I’m starting with your application;
I try to install the Cayenne features on a fresh Raspberry Pi 4

The App crash on Android (I read, you have issue, so I use SSH)
Using SSH, I meet issue with certificate, again I browse your community forum and find a trick with the '–no-check-certificate ’

I was then able to start the installation, My dashboard is on step 4 … up to 10 minutes to install…
after hours, it still does not work.

So, do you have a global issue or do I miss something ?

The terminal emulation you are showing during step 4 is giving a wrong date (cf. screenshot),
using date on my device, I’m in the correct dimensionscreenshotmydevices .


we are looking into the issue. will let you know when it is fixed.