Bug Filed on 03-22-2016: Gpio turn to input!

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Lately im facing the problem of my gpio pins changing to input State… They work with relays and tbey are output. but when they change to in I’m unable to work with them. I have a button switch on the layout that does not work in this state of the pin. Would appreciate help… Pins 17, 18, 27, 22, 23, 24


I think my issue is already reported here How do I save the GPIO setup? - #4 by eptak

Have been reading on the web and found this GPIO state after boot - Raspberry Pi Forums

Don´t know if i can put external links here… if not I apologize…

Did you create a widget on the dashboard for the pin you are trying to control?

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Hi Helder!

Sorry about late reply here. As you know, just released private Android Beta, so fell a little behind here. You are right, if your issue is how your pin state default to high then we still need to look for a fix to allow for the pin state to be saved and remembered upon Pi startup.

Seems like you might be experiencing an issue with using an input type in general though. What button switch are you using? I’ll try and replicate over here to see if there might be a bug. Also, as @ats1080s mentioned, try adding a “digital input” widget and see if you get proper state changes on the widget itself.

Totally fine that you posted external links, no issue there.

Yes @ats1080s i have created a widget as you can see in the picture.

@bestes its ok i totally understand that you are having a lot to deal with :slight_smile: i’m using a relay actuator to control the pin. When i set in the gpio as an output it works smoothly but a reboot the initial pin state changes all to input leaving the widget useless. ( picture attached). its not a program fault because i have been reading that is the way raspberry gpio works and its the default state of the pins after a reboot, But i would be awesome if the interface could memorize the last pin state and after reboot set it again.

A solution that i found for now is to put a bash script running at boot that changes the pins to output/high and it is solved for now.

After running the script on boot this is how it stays

Other question i have is if there is any problem with having 3 times the same temperature sensor on the layout?? i have displaying celcius, fahrenheit and graphic…

i think this is the correct solution

Will study this out. Can be the solution to my problem.

Curious, were you able to test this solution out??


sorry for the late response… Im still using the bash script at startup but when i have more time i will test this out. My solution for now works but still at raspberry startup theres a change of pin state before the bash script runs. This is bad because my garage and gate triggers and gets open. for other controls like a light and a heating resistance, etc theres no problem of switching state for a second.