Bug Filed on 04-01-2016: Trigger not working

class 10 16 GB
Raspberry B+

I create trigger for fan. If temp is +22C fan on. But not switch on. Other trigger for fan is if temp +21C fan switch off. In morning, if temp is low fan not working.This is ok. But if light switch on tem will get higher. +23,6C ant fan not working. I rebooted pi and i see not working fan.

Im away but i check this from cellular. Latest IOS and Iphone 6 plus

Hi Seston,

It seems like your Triggers statements are conflicting. For example, if current temperature is 23C, then the fan is being told to turn on, and the fan is being told to turn off. Since if temp is +22C fan on, and if temp is +21 fan off.

Maybe do these triggers:

  • If temp is greater than 22C, then turn fan on.

  • If temp is less than 21C, then turn fan off.



I will try to reproduce this here. Keep you updated.

latest Jessie full version
8gb U1

I have scheduled events that aren’t working, scheduled time passes with no action.

Let me know if you want me to start a new bug report. It is on RPi 3b SenseHat on my regular account if you want to take a look.


Seems it works. I check with cold water and cigarette lighter

Some days triggers working good. Today not.

We’re are making some changes to improve our Triggers engine. I’ll update this post once we push those changes out. Sorry about this!


Okay. I switch all day fan manually. :slight_smile:

Triggers working again?

At the moment i check and not working. If you can check please. I make new trigger. switch fan on if temp is +22C. Not working. But 1 min ago working old trigger +23C :smiley:

Are you using a wifi dongle? Or are you hard-wired with ethernet cable?


With cable. Moment these triggers working. This is not big problem if fan not switch on but if i connect floor heating and trigger went on strike… Cold or like in sauna and my sweet pepper dead. Tomatoes too.

Hi @seston,

We’ve released several updates to our Triggers engine. Have you noticed improvements since you made this post?


I check. Cayenne working in my growbox. I cant to put it to greenhouse. If internet connection goes to hell. Then what ? This is problem nr.1 why i not use this in greenhouse.

I understand. When we release local access ability then I will let you know. This is a feature that is farther down on the roadmap though.



I have some problem with @seston since a few days ago triggers are not working maybe since the last update, I have deleted and recreated the triggers but it doesn’t work, @bestes have u found the bug?

Hi @willy,

We’re having a hard time getting triggers to fail on our end. We’re still looking into it. Think you could share your account info with me? Would help us try to pin point the issue.

Thank you!


Hi @bestes,

Yes, Thanks for your concern. I have replied your message. Please tell me how to change the password first.
I cannot find any option to change my password. Should I use forgot password then?


Yes, the forgot password option will reset the password. I think it was brought up before but I think there should be some kind of reset password option in the account settings since it’s not always the first instinct to go to forgot password to reset a password.