Triggers not working

Hi There,

Not sure if this is a bug or issue with my RPis, but suddenly my triggers are not working. I had a motion trigger which did work for a while and then it stopped working. To be sure , I tried the trigger with a temp sensor as well, it didn’t work.
Did a bit of search in the Cayenne community , didn’t find any recent issues with triggers.


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Can you check your memory usage? There was another bug posted here that seems similar. Chained triggers - #3 by nitrogenwidget

Hi @adam,

The triggers have again stopped working. My dashboard screenshot it given below. The memory usage is only 15 - 20 %. I had set a trigger if room temp is above 25 C then turn Blue led on and vise-versa. I had also set a PIR trigger to turn on Green led. They worked for a couple of days and now it stopped again. Not sure whats happening here. Please help.

Hmm…I’m not sure then. @rsiegel any suggestions?

Not anything obvious from the top of my head. I just ran some tests and there aren’t any global issues with triggers, and while I do acknowledge the memory leak issue with the Cayenne Pi agent, I’m not yet convinced it’s breaking triggers across the board. I just ran all my tests on Pis which have been online for weeks and had 95%+ RAM usage, and the triggers ran OK.

I’m curious if you have any email or SMS notifications assigned to these trigger actions soubir? My reasoning is that the trigger logic should all be server side, and I’m curious if the server ‘thinks’ it’s firing them: i.e. does it fire off an email that the trigger condition was met, regardless of the state of the LEDs it’s supposed to be turning on and off.

If not, could you edit the trigger to set this up, then make the room temp cross the trigger threshold a few times?

Hello @rsiegel,

And somehow the triggers are working again. I have setup an email trigger with the temp as you mentioned and it worked as well. My sms trigger in Australia never worked (I used - 61412345678 as the number format) . I will monitor the triggers for a while and report back in case of any instances.


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Thanks @soubir, please keep us updated!