Bug Filed on 04-08-2016: IO port

Hi cayenne why IO port in my app on 26 pins but in actual is 40 pins I using Raspberry Pi 3 B

Can you take a screenshot of Cayenne with the problem highlighted? I have a Pi 3 and Cayenne is showing all the pins in the GPIO screen.

I can’t take in one screen shot but you can count clearly in second screen shot, that only 13 pins in row


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I know you are in good hands with @bmeriwether helping!

Just for reference, I took a look at my RPi3. Mine also has all 40 pins shown on the GPIO screen (showing lower portion)-

@bmeriwether, one thing I noticed is on the General info page for both the 3b and the Zero the Computer Model is shown as Unkown [sic].

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@bmeriwether meriwether I screenshot my General info page

Thanks guys. I will open a ticket for investigation to see why this might be happening in the app.

@jerwin.guillermo Can you get me the UDID of the device you are seeing the issue on? We believe we’ve found and fixed the issue, but we weren’t able to reproduce it here. If you are willing to help us to test, we will get you a new app version that will have the fix in it.

Some help on getting your UDID if you need it: http://whatsmyudid.com/