Bug Filed on 04-26-2016: Can't seem to get it to work


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B rev 2

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Ok, so im still learning but i know how to write a code to simple turn a led on and off and if i make this in python my led turns on and off just fine.
However if i try and set up the LED in Cayenne the set up goes just fine but if i then click it and would expect the led to come on i just get a spinning circle? There is also the remnant of a failed one that is just sitting there saying 'Removing’
Any ideas what i have done wrong?


Same set up on board through python works fine, so seems something is up with my cayenne install maybe?
Hope someone can point me in the right direction.


Weird that it hasn’t removed yet. Can you try removing again? Are you able to turn the LED on/off through the GPIO pins in Cayenne? If you click on GPIO on the blue ribbon bar and then turn Channel 18 to an output and toggle from high/low…



Thanks for quick reply. Removing again has same issue. BTW that light is set on pin 23 should it make any odds and the new light is on 18 and yes though the gpio turning to high turns the led on.


A third attempt to remove the other light has worked! Hitting the button has turned the light on now but i am left with a spinning cog that i now cant turn off?


Are you using 5v or 3.3 v? I have found that 5v can lead to weird LED behavior…can you try using 3.3v?



It seems to be working ok now, out of interest, to answer your question im not sure (sorry, very early stages here!) I have wired 1 to ground then one to pin 17, so not used the 5v or 3.3v, there is a resister in the middle.


Totally, you are right, there should be a resistor. Glad it’s working now!

This link has a bunch of wiring tutorials, feel free to check it out.




Thank you mate, just another quick one. Im trying to learn here so can sort my halloween one out, so what im just trying for now is if motion is sensed it should turn the led on. So have wired the motion sensor up as per your guys instructions. Have added the device and it is showing under my devices. So if i go to Triggers & Alerts, un ‘select trigger’ should i not see the motion sensor? As i dont.


This is a bug :frowning: But good news is, there is a work around, check out this post:

We have a fix for it, we’re just waiting to release the fix after Arduino integration.



So i should see the motion sensor in my triggers then, its not something i have done wrong? As the motion sensor is working as the icon changes state and the graph shows motion sensed etc.


Yes, you should. With some time and a couple page refreshes, it should show up in there.



Ok great, thank you so much for your help… I will be back ;o)


Looking forward to it!