Bug Filed on 04-26-2016: NO Motion sensor showing under 'if'

Have add a motion sensor -

Which is working, but when I go to create my triggers is doesnt show?

Do you have a widget created on the dashboard for the motion sensor?

@djwmcnae82 @ats1080s Hey guys. Yep, this is a known bug that we are aware of and fixing. Work around for getting the motion sensor to appear is listed here in this thread.


@djwmcnae82 @ats1080s I think this is fixed now. Let us know otherwise :slight_smile:


I’ll take a look tonight and let you know

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10 days later…
I just went in to add it again and it still doesn’t show up. Is there another way to create a trigger for a motion sensor?

Weird. Can you delete the motion sensor widget and then add it again to the dashboard and see if it appears?

If that doesn’t work, you can add it as a generic digital input and that should show up in the triggers dropdown.