Bug Filed on 06-21-2016: Motion sensor alert not running

Trying to make a trigger alert me with a text message when motion is detected. The trigger never shows the rule running. I’m getting text messages just fine about things like my Pi being online/offline etc. Any suggestions what i’m doing wrong here? See screenshots:

just an update, i tested a trigger on this same raspi model b+ for temp sensor exceeding 87 degrees and it works fine. Wondering if cayenne is not taking triggers from my GPIO.

I think this is a bug with the motion sensor widget. We have a fix and are waiting to deploy the fix until after we push out Arduino integration (very soon!). Sorry about this, hang in there.

A work around that I’ve seen is using a ‘generic digital input’ for the motion sensor instead of the actual ‘motion sensor’ widget.

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Setting it to “generic digital input” was indeed the fix! Thanks for the tip.

Great! I’m going to leave this topic open, and Resolve it when we push the fix for the Motion Sensor widget. See you around!