Bug Filed on 04-26-2016: Problem installing to rpi

I followed the instructions for installing via Terminal / SSH, and the install stopped with the message
Build for Python 3.4.2 failed

See install listing above

Are you using Jessie Lite?


All installed ok after re-loading Jessie and increasing root partition.

Ah, thank you for sharing the resolution! Glad this was resolved.

See you around,


Please also note that the App works from my iPad :slight_smile:

Great! We don’t officially support iPad or tablet yet, only mobile. There is some work we need to do, so you may experience some weird sizing issues when using iPad. Just a heads up!


Is there a way to get it working if you are using Jessie Lite?

We will release a fix to officially support Jessie Lite in future too.


I’m having the same problem with raspberry pi 3 with OSMC OS. I’m not able to fix the problem using all solutions already shared by other members. Can you please help me?

Yeah, you’ll need to use Jessie OS with Cayenne.


Buy a new SD card for a few pounds and install Jessie … Will save you a lot of wasted time. :sunglasses:

I’m using Osmc because of KODI integration. Do you have plans to suporte Osmc in the near future?

No plans in near future, sorry.