When will Raspian Jessie Lite be supported?


I recently discovered Cayenne and I wanted to use it in my Raspberry Pi project, but once I created an account I noticed that Jessie Lite is currently not supported. Is there an ETA on when it will be?

My SD cards are all running Raspian Jessie Lite 4.4, I try to avoid the desktop version as much as possible to keep the “bloating” at a minimum.

I searched and could not find an answer to this, sorry if this has already been asked.

Thank you.

There is a non-official solution on here to load some missing libraries and make it work. Search for Jessie Lite.

It is high priority to support Jessie Lite. We’re working on some Arduino fixes and then will switch to release the update for Jessie Lite. In the mean time, use the workaorund :slight_smile:


@mirza.dedic @kreggly Jessie Lite is now supported. Let us know if you run into issues with it.