Bug Filed on 06-21-2016: Core Temperature Trigger

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Raspberry 3

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First thing, this project you made it’s amazing, it really helps me a lot to monitor my Raspberry Pi, because i live away from home :slight_smile:

I was checking your forum, and i found that there isn’t any way to put the Core Temperature Monitor in Celsius… Did you changed that? I cant find any option on the App.
But that’ fine, it isnt a major problem. The thing is, i cant create a new Trigger for the Core Temperature, i get this error: “rules.error:unknown”. Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you :smiley:

There is no celsius … yet, they’re working on it.

I was also looking for this, but could not find a way to drag the system temp into a trigger… has CPU, Memory and Storage, but not Temp.

Yeah, i noticed but no problem, that’s not a big deal, the important thing here is the notification.
There is a “Temperature” under those options, but i think that option is for the temperature sensors and not for the Core temperature.
CPU, Memory and Storage Triggers are not ideal. The Pi can reach on normal running, for some reason, critical CPU or RAM, but High Core Temperature may indicate some system malfunction… Thats the reason i wanted to set a Core Temperature trigger…

@kent_chalmers @parra14_5 You guys have it right. We are working on that issue (fix in 1 - 2 weeks). We need to wait to add the Pi Temp to the web dashboard and then it can be added to triggers engine.

Right now we have hunkered down to release Arduino integration and then we will switch to getting this fix out the door. In time, it will be fixed! So, hang in there :slight_smile:


We’ve added Celsius (and Kelvin) as options to the Raspberry Pi CPU
Temperature widget in the latest version of the app (1.2.1). Please
update through the Play Store, and if you’re happy with this change,
we’d love if you could write us a brief app review on the Play Store!

When will be CPU temp trigger ?

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It’s on our roadmap, and it will definitely be done. Just a little bit behind some other features that have been taking most of our time.


Hi Team,
I am a newbie to all of this and have come across this post and have thought this would be great if we could do this just wondering if there has been any update in this area?
Thanks Regards