Bug Filed on 07-13-2016: Can't show Celsius in app

Hi, I can’t show Celsius in app and I can’t show Temperature in Dashboard. Why?

Thanks and congrats for your app :slight_smile:


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I hope you don’t mind I moved your post to a new thread because your original post was in an archived thread where it wouldn’t be seen.

If you are trying to change the cpu-temperature to °C that is not supported, …yet.

If you are trying to change a temperature sensor to °C, that is usually accomplished by clicking on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the widget.

If I haven’t addressed your problem we’ll likely need some more information, like-
Which app- Android, iOS
What sensor- TMP36, DS18B20, etc
Pi and OS- RPi Zero, 1, 2, 3 and Weezy, Jessie

Again, welcome,


Hi Ian,

My info:

Raspberry Pi 3
Android App
Debian Jessie

In Dashboard (web) only I see Processor, Memory and Storage.

In Android I see Temperature Widget but only I show info in Fahrenheit. I click gear icon but it doesn’t exist ºC to change.

I am not using external sensor, I like to know the internal Temp of RPI 3.


That is the one that isn’t supported yet. You’ll have to do the math for now. Keep in mind 212°F =100°C and hopefully you won’t see Temps like the ones I see here-



We’ve added Celsius (and Kelvin) as options to the Raspberry Pi CPU Temperature widget in the latest version of the app (1.2.1). Please update through the Play Store, and if you’re happy with this change, we’d love if you could write us a brief app review on the Play Store!