Raspberry Pi Temperature trigger

When editing a temperature slider trigger for my Pi 3 project after saving the trigger it actually duplicates sometimes. I have seen this behavior in chrome browser for sure and I believe also from the android app. The trigger found does not duplicate but rather the new trigger ran zero times.

The trigger is Turing on or off a relay base on the temp sensor ds18b20.

Anyone else seen this behavior

You mean the trigger entry itself duplicates, or it is losing its history after editing? (or both)?

The next time you see it (or if it is present on your account now) could you send me a screenshot of the duplication so I can investigate what might be going on?

@rsiegel The trigger it self duplicates. Here is a screenshot of the triggers after adjusting the Max Temperature value and saving the trigger.

Hi @walters,

I’ve never seen that. It is strange. Is it still happening?


Yes, I also noticed that the trigger values created in the Android App do not show the same in the Web Interface (Both Edge and Chrome Browsers) The “Temperature - Pool Min” in the app is set to 87 degrees and when I look at the Web interface is shows the default of 104 which I know is not right.

I also noticed that the trigger history does not appear to be correct. The last time history was logged was July 4th however I know I have had the heater come on since then and the Blue button push trigger for sure was activated in the last few days.

Let me know how I can help troubleshoot or resolve the issues.


Adam Walters

I know we have a bug/issue where that trigger history list is showing the first 10 runs of the trigger, instead of the most recent 10, which is what it is designed to do. So that likely explains what’s up with the list stopping on July 4th.

As far as the trigger duplication, I’d like to run some tests to see if I can reproduce. To that end, I have a few questions:

  • Do you remember which platform you originally created the trigger on (web/Android)?
  • Is this the only trigger you’ve seen duplicate in this fashion?