Bug Filed on 07-28-2016: Editing triggers in ios

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pi 2

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I’m not sure if I’m missing a trick here, but I can’t seem to edit a trigger in the ios app! I can from the web dashboard. Maybe you just can’t and need to delete and re-create?.

I probably shouldn’t mix subjects, but I have noticed that memory used as displayed on the dashboard seems to constantly increase. No user programs running. Started at about 12% and was up to 50% after 2 days. I can’t say if this happens without mydevices being installed and am not sure if it is of consequence, but is this a memory leak? Any comments on this?

I don’t have an iOS device to test with, but I can at least answer the memory question. There are some memory issues that are being worked on. It’s much better than it used to be but it doesn’t seem to be 100% yet.

Hi @g0wie,

The iOS app does indeed support triggers. To edit one, tap on the ‘Triggers’ icon on the dashboard to enter the list of triggers, then tap on the trigger itself (the part that says ‘if _____ then ____’) to open the editing page. This should work regardless of where the trigger was created, and there should be no need to re-create them.


Hi Rob,
OK, I got that far, but the editing page doesn’t allow me to modify the “Then” part for instance.

That’s odd, I wonder if it could be an issue with a specific trigger. When you tap the ‘then’ part of the trigger on iOS, it should slide up to reveal editing options. What happens when you tap it?

Could you share a screenshot (from the web Dashboard would be fine), or at least a description of that trigger’s settings? This way I could try to reproduce on our end.

Yes, tap on the THEN and it slides up. Trigger is “if digital output pin 13 is high THEN notify g0wie@yahoo.com”. Tapping on it again just causes it to contract back to the bottom. on PC at moment so cant do a screenshot!

Here is a screenshot of the trigger:

Thanks for the detailed information. It looks like you’re right, there appears to be a bug where you can’t edit existing ‘Notify’ trigger actions through the iOS app. Good catch and I’ll schedule a fix with our team.

In the meantime, it does seem like delete and re-create would be a workaround.


Thanks very much for the good and very prompt communication.

Regards g0wie

Hi guys,

The same issue appears to be present in the Android app.


Hey @g0wie, all,

The iOS app (latest version: 1.4.2) can now edit triggers with a Notify action! We need to improve the UI a bit, but it can be done.

To do so, open the trigger, and now you’ll see an ‘X’ in the purple ‘then’ section. Tap it, then +, and you can then add/change email and SMS recipients.

As for the Android app, you’re right of course :slight_smile: We need to make the same or similar change there.

Hi @g0wie, blast from the past!

I’m bumping this ancient thread to announce that the latest Android app (1.8.2, released today )fixes this issue on the Android side – you can now edit triggers with a Notify action there like you can on iOS and web.

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