Bug Filed on 05-02-2016: Memory trigger


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Hi, I see that the memory goes up to 93% so I created a Trigger to send me an email when Memory > 75%.

The problem is that the Memory is 55% and the trigger runs. It runs below the set limit.

I got an email with the following message:

“Escritório has high memory usage of 177157120 percent. The alert is set to 75 percent or higher”

I imagine the variable is wrong (177157120).

Thank you and regards



We’ll look into this. I should be able to replicate the issue. Keep you updated. Thanks for reporting this!



Simply a spike in memory usage that goes back to a lower level ?
~ Andrew


Nope, my menory keeps increasing with time and it stabilizes at 93%, at least in my case.

What I want to do is to receive an email warning at 75% and reboot at 80% just to clean the memory.


Yes. Having the ability to self decide that my connection is lost, or some process is hosed… so reboot, would be nice to have implemented in Cayenne.

Also, in other cloud dashboards I’ve been involved in developing, a heartbeat or watchdog is desireable to be shown somewhere.

Hint: This heartbeat doesn’t actually need to be real, it can be client side, and updated by real data when it exists.


Here I have three Pi set up mainly to watch this issue and seems a pretty steady ramping up or RAM…

Interesting to look at RAM versus horse power requirements anyway with the three set up side by side.

For all I am doing at the moment I am just scheduling a weekly re boot for general purpose house keeping.

~ Andrew