Bug Filed on 12-31-2015: Dashboard still doesn't connect/sync to Pi

Continuing the discussion from Bug Filed on 12-21-2015: Dashboard disconnects from Pi after a length of time:

I think this was already supposed to be fixed, as you said in another comment, but I figured I’d ask. The dashboard still doesn’t connect up to the pi, but it says that it’s connected. The values just don’t show up and nothing work on the dashboard. This is also after another fresh install, just in case there was an update that didn’t go through.


Hi Caleb,

This is a new issue that we have a fix for, we’re just waiting until after the holidays to push the fix out. So sometime next week. This should fix it:

In terminal of your Pi, type “sudo service myDevices restart” , press enter, then type " sudo service webiopi restart " , press enter.


Alright, sounds good. The temp fix did indeed work, thank you.

We pushed a fix for this…please let us know if it happens again!