BYOT broken - Step2 waiting for board connect

I wrote a python script by using Cayenne Python MQTT on RPİ. After ı run the script,it connects Cayenne MQTT broker but on website dashboard doesnt appear. it says “waiting for board connect”.
Please help

Can you post your code here, don’t forget to remove the sensitive data. Also what kind of device do you try to connect to raspberry pi and show it to Cayenne?

Sorry, I mean the scripts are from "[Cayenne-MQTT-Python/examples at master · myDevicesIoT/Cayenne-MQTT-Python · GitHub].
I run this scripts but the board didnt connect.
Normally when MQTT connection establish, it should direct to dashboards screen?
is this problem from me or cayenne webpage?

Hi, this happens to me too… yesterday, my MQTT API running on RPi, stopped working, it says connected but offline in the browser dashboard.

So… after so much tinkering, i decided to start again, then to my surprise, that simple MQTT BYOT guide, that step 2 in the guide, it doesnt work. RPi says connected but the browser keeps waiting for the device thus no dashboard.

@ibsolmaz @xkid2023 @ognqn.chikov we will look into this now. Keep you updated, and thanks for letting us know!


@bestes It sounds like my problem yesterday. Now I checked my device and I have similar issues with all my MQTT sensors. Maybe yesterday during the tests with the display, it became a coincidence?

Yes I think so. I have also reproduced the issue…fixing soon :slight_smile:

@ognqn.chikov @xkid2023 @ibsolmaz should be back up again. When you have a second (no rush), you can confirm for me? I have done my own test but always nice to verify with you guys too :slight_smile:

Sorry about this, we are making improvement to this service that will be deployed in near future.


It is work for me. Thank you! @bestes

yes it works for me too.

do you have a plan add this BYOT dashboard to Android app?

All green thanks alot

Yes, this is highest priority feature to release next for our mobile apps. This is coming!