Waiting for GPIO board to connect: Rasberry Pi

I downloaded the Android app from Play and have connected to MQTT with no issues. However, it seems stuck on ‘Waiting for board to connect’.

Remote GPIO is enabled and enforced at start up with ‘sudo systemctl enable pigpiod’. I have a Sintron T-plus cobbler plugged in. Rebooted. Still nothing.

Any ideas? Bear in mind my technical level is on a par with Homer Simpson :slight_smile:

which device are you trying to add?

Thanks for your reply.

I get the MQTT panel but Devices says:

Raspberry Pi: Pending connection. Waiting for board to connect.

The GPIO board on the Raspberry connected via a Sinitron T Plus cobbler to the breadboard. The board is connected to the Pi and I can control it (simple LED light circuit) with Python, locally or via SSH. So that all seems good.

I tried deleting my a/c, created a new one and reinstalled Cayenne but now the message above appears twice.

It’s probably something really basic…and yes, GPIO Remote is enabled. Any help gratefully received.

can you share a screenshot?

The mobile gives a version with the error messages mentioned above

can you shh into your pi?

Yes, no probs

can you remove all the devices from the dashboard if you are not using them.

i just now added a new raspberry pi device from my android phone and everything is working fine.

I can reboot it via the app and see the usage but it just sits there trying to connect the board :frowning:

how can you reboot it from the app when the device is not added?

Via the MQTT panel (Reset on the right of the PC screen cap posted above). That works fine. As you can see on the image from my mobile, that is installed OK but the Board is waiting for a connection. Am I being totally thick and missing something?

you mean the device with name Raspberrry Pi MQTT. That is the different name given when you try to add two devices on the same raspberry pi.
So why you trying to add two device on same raspberry pi?

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I wasn’t aware that I was. I did warn you of the possibility of me doing something very stupid :smiley: I assumed that it was two things that needed to load, i.e. MQTT and the GPIO board. So all I need is Raspberrry Pi MQTT? Delete anything else?

yes, delete others.

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Doh! It’s official: I’m an idiot! I think I need to go away and read the manual.

So, now I should be able to add sensors etc.?

it is okay, all make mistake in the beginning and you will get the touch of it as you keep doing more stuff.

yes. you can add sensor to your device now. Have a look at this: http://mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/getting-started/#getting-started-raspberry-pi
and http://mydevices.com/cayenne/docs/supported-hardware/

Many thanks. It was way more simple than I assumed!

I’m specifically adding a DH11 but that looks like it needs to be custom sensor. More fun and games working out the config but I guess I should do a forum search first in the hope I can avoid reinventing that wheel.

here you go, for DHT you need add the plugin https://github.com/myDevicesIoT/cayenne-plugin-dht

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Fantastic! Really helpful. All this GPIO/IoT stuff is new to me.

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