Can I use Cayenne for an IR(infrared) project

Please can someone help for this question(Can I use Cayenne for an IR(infrared) project).

need more info on this topic.

I want to make a project about recieving specific IR codes(ex. air conditioner), saving them and identity them. By doing that I should be able to control an IR device (in this case the air conditioner) through the website.

Are you able to identify and save them ? Once done you can easily control them using cayenne.

That actually was the point of the question(Am I able to identify and save the IR sensors ?). But as I can see it is possible regarding to this project that you sent. Thank you very much !

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if you are looking to control it via raspberry then have a look at this Air conditioner on/off control (raspberry pi)

No , I want to control it via arduino, but thank you anyways. You helped me a lot.

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