Raspberry Pi and IR


Hello everyone,

I want to control my a/c using a raspberry pi and ir. Is this possible to do? If so, what would I need to put this all together?

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Hi, you can use an IR led. But before you must be read the ir code of your a/c command.
Post other details.


Hello 0lab,

I’m not a programmer which I’m assuming makes things harder. I just want to power on/off and change the temp. How would I go about recording and reproducing the code my remote makes?


You can try to setup an IR Receiver with your Pi like here (not with Cayenne: https://www.einplatinencomputer.com/raspberry-pi-infrarot-empfaenger-und-fernbedienung-einrichten/

With the receiver you can press the buttons on your remote device an see what it send. Then - back to cayenne and setup an IR LED with the code your received :slight_smile:


Hello tooony,

I have been going through Cayenne but cant seem to figure out how I would reproduce the signal from. Any ideas?



i didnt had a look before on cayenne and IR LEDs. I thought they were implemented, but it seems that they are not supported yet :confused:


You can open your ir remote command and use an optocoupler to close the button that you want. after you can set the Cayenne dashboard, with the buttons to close that optocoupler.