Can not delete 5 accidental Airduino devices

For some reason when I was frustrated and not having a clue what I was doing (I still am struggling to get stuff to work on my dashboard) I ended up with 5 Ardunio devices (which I don’t want). If I get rid of these then maybe the other bugs will go away…? So I cannot find a delete on the dashboard.
But I did find it on the app. But when I try to delete… it says “Error, try again”

I’d upload pics but my gmail account is acting up. It doesn’t want to send or receive anything this morning lol.
I was talking with someone on here Friday evening, but it was getting late and the person went to bed. I hope I run into them again. The person was really smart!

will delete all the pending devices from your dashboard. can you PM me the email_id you used to login in cayenne.

may I know the person who is lazy :sleepy: and smart :nerd_face:

Hahahaha! Hello my friend, I’m thrilled to see you again!

I’ll PM you now

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