Widgets hard to remove

When I create widget, all is OK.
BUT, when I try to remove one - it takes 3-4 times to press Remove button, and sometimes 2-3 Dashboard resets to remove widget.

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Is it the same for all widgets? What device(s) are these widgets associated with?

It is for all custom widgets. I haven’t tried rest.

It is on Arduino, ESP8266, Wemos D1 Mini to be precise.

@vedran.musica just following up here, has this improved?


I’ll try in few hours and report here :slight_smile:

Pretty much the same issue.

When I try to delete button widgets it stays on “Removing” without actually deleting.

After doing this a few times they did end up deleting on the dashboard as well as the App but came back 20 min later.

I’m on a Raspberry Pi 3 and running the 4.4 Kernel.

@julian the next time you see this, could you open your browsers javascript console so we can see if there are any error messages displayed? I’d also be interested in a screenshot of the full dashboard to look for other visual hints as to what might be up.

Hello, everyone, i got the same issue with ESP8266 board, i tried many widget but when i deleted unused widget , they stay again !? (i’m on PC : Chrome 59 & android cayenne app 1.3.2-87)

I am using an ESP8266 board and have the same issue (been like this for at least 2 months) unable to delete widgets. Just get the spinning wheel. Strange thing is tho up until this week I have been able to delete the widget from within the app on my iphone but not from within a web browser.
However, now I create a widget within the web browser, I still can’t delete it from the web browser but worse, the widget never appears in the iphone app.
So its just kinda all going backwards. I have written a script to email me sensor info every few hours to get around having to deal with the Cayenne issues. I first read about the delete issue back in April, disappointing it hasn’t been resolved by now.

i also use ESP8266 (01) with Web & Android Dashboard :
at this time , i just remove “temperature Value widget” on web dashboard and desapear rapidely.