Can we modify Cayenne for use with a BeagleBone-Black board?

We manufacture a board that’s based on BeagleBone, and would love to use Cayenne as a simple UI. Is that possible?



Currently Cayenne does not support BeagleBone, but the Cayenne team is pushing to make Cayenne compatible with all IoT devices. I haven’t seen any posts asking for BeagleBone yet so I’ll let @bestes answer.

As @ats1080s mentioned, we’re only compatible with the Pi’s right now. We’re working on Arduino next (will be out soon!), then ESP8266 and we’ll be making Cayenne ‘portable’, if you will, so it can go on other boards such as Beagle Bone.

Perhaps I can reach out to you when that times comes?


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Sounds good, thanks.

Is there any progress on Beaglebone support, or information on schedule for it?


I think API will work for it isn’t it?

I agree, I think the Cayenne MQTT API would work for this…

@bert-ake @bilalmalikuet With the recent release of Cayenne’s MQTT API, you should be able to get the BeagleBone online and working with all of Cayenne’s features.

You can read more about the API here:

If you can get BeagleBone working using the MQTT API, and submit your code, I am running a ‘board reward’ program where you can earn $50! Just need to follow the guidelines here:

yes I am also thinking same way

Let me know how you progress with BeagleBone, we are very interested if someone from community can get this working :slight_smile: Or if you have questions let me know!


I will be Cayenne’s MQTT API to bring my PIC microcontroller based system online :slight_smile:

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